Dear Diary,

Yesterday I was at the local pool and I like saw this gross little munchkin with a huge hole in his chest. Gross like why doesn't he cover it up or something? Anyways this diary is NOT supposed to be about other people, it's supposed to be about like what's important, me.

Well or about Chad Riddles, he is sooooooo hot. Apparently Chelsea thinks she can date Chad but a year 9 would never be able to get a boy as popular as chad. He plays football so good and when I'm jumping up and down cheering for him sometimes I get a tingly sensation in my pom poms. Chelsea says he sent her a ruler picture on her phone or something but I don't even think she actually has a phone. I'm pretty sure her dad is a janitor or something.

Anyways I guess I'll have to wait until next time to write more about myself, daddy is calling me for dinner. We're having lobster and steak Monday. I'm so bloody sick of it.