Yes, I have tasted Zima, and it is all you've hoped for and more. Has a bit of a weak citrus flavor to it and tastes something like a flat, metallic gin and tonic.

The original ad campaign featured a fast-talking gentleman with a indefinable European accent abruptly sitting down with fashionable twenty-somethings in hip locations and talking to them about the wonderful qualities of this "clearmalt beverage." Each thirty-second ad ended in one of the twenty-somethings telling the European guy what a nice hat he had.

As far as I can tell, the drink—if you'll excuse the pun—fizzled out. Perturbed by lagging sales, Coors launched Zima Gold in an attempt to reel in their intended male demographic. The ad campaign featured slow-motion shots of a carefully diverse group of men and women playing football in the rain—getting muddy and flashing big grins to the camera. From what I've been told, the drink itself tastes something like a flat, metallic rum and coke. Regardless of its claim of being more 'bold' than its clear cousin, Zima Gold also took a nose-dive, and I don't believe you can purchase it anymore.