A pretty blue bottle and promise—or a strong suggestion anyway—that it is hangover-free. Skyy's gimmick is a four step distillation process that creator Maurice Kanbar says eliminates congeners, the natural impurities that may or may not cause morning-after headaches, queasiness, etc..

Kanbar, a San Francisco inventor whose greatest prior accomplishment was a sweater de-fuzzer, targeted the young drinkers market with well-placed magazine adds and carefully nurtured word-of-mouth. After the product's hangoverless legend and customer base was established the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms forced Kanbar to edge away from his hangover-free claim. When asked he now says that sensitive drinkers can tell the difference.

Skyy Vodka ranks very high on my list as far as vodka goes, second only to a bottle of Stolichnaya Vodka and so staggeringly higher than Smirnoff, which is a genuinely vile substance made I think from petroleum distillates. Personally, I've never had Grey Goose Vodka due to limited funds. Besides the excellent taste, the lovely blue bottle is definitely a valid reason why so many originally began buying Skyy.