Absolute brilliance rained down upon me today as the skies opened up and the sun began to shine. And shine. And shine. The sky was wiped clean of any offending clouds and all snow so recently dumped on the northeast became one big white reflector as everyone stumbled around with their eyes squinted against the onslaught. When going inside one found a few people milling about the entrance waiting for their sun-burnt vision to return.

Aside from the false-prohpet spring—more snow on the way this weekend—today was rather mundane. Got a haircut, took care of a few errands, picked up a few friends at the bus station.

Nothing more to tell, really. I’ve got that unsettled feeling again, but that has become such a commonality over the past year I suppose I should just be thankful it's not worse.

I should stop thinking about the past. It never does me any good.