Woke today far too early for a Saturday, and a vacation Saturday at that. The alarm went off promptly at 6:30; quietly blaring classical music into my right ear. Last night I was up late reading a (very) late Christmas present and managed to only get about four hours before dreaded morning reared its ugly sunshine-filled head. Staggered through the rather cold house to the shower where I stood under the pathetic trickle of warm water attempting to wash the suds from my body. My father has installed a Pressure Reducing Valve on our water system. This PRV reduces our water pressure by about fifty percent and is supposed to save my family loads of moolah. While my dad’s intentions are good, I have to stand in the shower twice as long, so I suppose not much cash is saved when it comes to my own bathing and grooming habits.

After the never ending shower, I subdued the pains in my stomach with a large glass of sugary juice and a bowl of raisin bran. This morning was worse than it’s been recently. I never got the chance to call my surgeon while I was home, and I go back tomorrow. The mystery pains are getting worse, and I'm still not as worried as I should be.

I woke early this morning in order to make an appointment to have my car inspected. Its last inspection ran out a couple days ago, and since I’ve been driving exactly the speed limit and following each and every traffic law to the letter. I also had two bad valve-stems which resulted in two of my tires needing air each time I filled my tank. While my car was being poked and prodded I made my way over to the Denny’s next-door and nursed a cup of coffee and some pancakes; two breakfasts today, and both before 8:30. After an hour or so my car was ready, with a shiny new inspection sticker and two (hopefully) properly functioning valve-stems.

Spent the rest of the morning reading the aforementioned late Christmas present. Being wired on the three-plus cups of coffee I consumed at Denny’s, my plans of taking a nap were thwarted. I was left a very alert tired person. Currently I feel like someone has cruelly turned up the dial on my personal gravity.

By noon I met James at work and bought him lunch. Had sushi for the first time in a month (bliss...). I would stock up and bring said specimens back to the Frozen North, but an effective method of long term sushi-storage continues to elude me.

Half of my family is away at a swim meet in another part of the state, so it is just mom and I this weekend. James was gracious enough to accept my mother’s invitation for dinner, and the three of us dined on my mother delicious and infamous Mostaccioli. Incidentaly, this is my favorite home meal. Culinary bliss twice in one day; I don’t know what to do with myself. I’m loath to return north and back to institutional food. So it goes.

After dinner James and I went to see (don’t laugh) Dude, Where's My Car? at the dollar theater. He was very excited about this movie, having already seen and enjoyed it. I’m sorry to say that I only made it for about twenty minutes before I had to leave. I took an extended bathroom break, and was going to go back when He appeared—pissed—and we left. I felt horrible as he was all excited about it. I still feel selfish and rude. All in all, it was a horrible film. To give James credit, he can see the finest details in anything and point out how amazing something can be regardless of its outward appearance. He has done this many times in the years I have known him, and for the most part he is always right. Tonight was the first time I had doubt regarding his radar, and now I just feel like a jerk for disappointing my friend.

I’m so tired, yet I feel the day is not yet through. There is something that still needs to be done, although I’ll be damned if I can figure it out. I know that when I hit the pillow I’m out for ten hours at least, it is so tempting.

Tomorrow I make the jaunt back north to feign my enjoyment of bitter cold and responsibilities.