Note: It is a beautiful thing to travel all over this great state and still be able to access e2.

Yesterday I left the Frozen North on a trajectory towards home. The trip was uneventful, aside from some nasty weather near Oswego that slowed my pace to a 35 mph crawl. Upon arriving home I caught up with my family, and then went out to find my best friend James who I hadn't seen in six months. We were to see Matthew Sweet, but the tickets were free and—having been overcome by severe waves of apathy—the two of us ended up at our old haunt with malts and fries in front of us.

I've spent my time since catching up with James and watching really abysmal horror films. Sorority House Massacre II was an amazing cinematic suppository that had more plot holes than I've ever seen and a gratuitous and very long shower scene ("Dammit, will these breasts never get clean?"). Also watched Jack Frost (the horror flick, not the Michael Keaton stinker), which was also wonderfully awful. I am far too big a fan of kitch, schlock, etc.

My family's computer monitor is currently on the fritz, and so a seventeen inch screen has shrunk to about ten. As a result I believe this will be the only think I'll node while I am away from the Frozen North; my eyes are bad enough without having to squint at a picture than appears to have barely survived an encounter with a voodoo witch doctor.