On Thursday, March 8th I suffered another lapse of common sense and drove down through the mountains to the city where beautiful girl was house-sitting and not doing well with isolation. Ended up spending the whole weekend there, although I had planned to leave a day and a half earlier than I actually did.

Today we woke late after a night of raiding the liquor cabinet and getting inebriated and naked on the floor, committing sins too numerous to mention. The night also saw me curled into a ball and bawling my eyes out while she held me. Today I see I've burst many of the capillaries under my eyes.

I don't suffer hangovers, and woke more or less okay. Beautiful girl was not so lucky, but she was well enough to treat me to a late breakfast/lunch at IHOP. I left far to late in relation to my plans.

Most of the journey home was made below the posted speed limit due to snow and lack of snow-plows in the mountains. I drove thirty most of the way home, hurling my schedule back to stone-age.

Had a lovely weekend, yet when I return home the uncomfortable feeling sets right back in again. I'm really tired for no reason, and I want nothing more than to forget obligations etc. etc..

Bumper sticker seen on the way home: "Get your Nutrition in the Morning: Read the Bible"
I still don't know what that means