After returning home from work yesterday I promptly crawled into bed and fell asleep. I did not get up to face the day for another seventeen hours. Throughout the night I was plagued by exceedingly odd dreams. It is unfortunate that I can't remember enough of any one of them to write a dream log. I woke several times last night, and each time I was ravenously thirsty. Upon retrospect I'm faced with strange dream images and repeated trips to the fridge while naked.

Work today was uneventful. More digging and cataloging of worthless dusty crap. I left the building at nine to find I was almost out of gas and the left headlight on my little red econobox was out.

I have been plagued the past couple days by a state of complete emotionlessness. The only feeling I can identify is a sense of impending dread, and I honestly have no idea where this feeling is coming from. I came to the realization today that I need to get out of this city. It is beginning to eat away at my serenity and any happiness I may feel towards the world. I believe I can feel myself dissolving in the annoying, bad, and altogether rude shit that happens to me on a daily basis simply because nobody gives a fuck about anybody else in this goddamn place. This little dirty town is a perfect example of the American Ideal of "grab a much as you can and fuck the other guy."

When I arrived home tonight I immediately administered three overly generous shots of Tanqueray, and in retrospect I'm sure I'll regret writing this node whilst mildly drunk. But if I have reached a point where I have to drink to forget where I am, a change of scenery is needed. I think if I listen real hard, I can almost hear the clock tower and freight trains of the Frozen North. This daydream is brought to an abrupt end by one of the thousands of assholes in this godforsaken place who have their stupid little penis-cars wired up to explosive stereos that blast bass over a fifteen mile radius and will render them deaf by the time are thirty so they might say to the world "I have enough money to by the expensive equipment it takes to rattle your windows and bowls." Perhaps these idiots think that this post-modern mating call will get some stupid chick to fuck them. Perhaps they just wish to be assholes. In any case, they drive past my window once every minute or so.

I’m so tired.

I need another drink.