Adolf Hitler brought Germany out of great depression, created massive industrial growth, and raised Germany into the spotlight as a world power by uniting the country through the use of pure hate. The country was united in hatred and repression of anyone who was not "pure" in the sense dictated by Hitler himself and his band of hate-mongers.

To question the "moral character" of a man who is solely responsible for genocide is ridiculous. Hitler was a madman. I will not disagree that he united Germany, rebuilt the country, was a passionate speaker and undoubtedly had a wonderful singing voice, but the sheer slap-in-the-face of millions upon millions dead due to his reign overrides any Autobahn or spike in industrial production.

This man's legacy still lives today. In Germany the far right still attempts to hold onto the Nazi doctrine. All over the world millions of hate groups have adopted the Swastika as their symbol and Hitler as their spiritual leader and mascot as they gleefully kill others because of difference.

To all those who think Hitler is great: wear a Swastika T-shirt in public to show your awe for a great man.

I realize that one must keep an open mind about this. Do I think that Hitler was a media genius? Yes.
Do I think that he did great things to revive his country? You bet.
Did he create a military machine that was absolutely amazing (and almost kicked our butts)? It's a historical fact.
But the genocide thing is what sticks to your ribs. No matter what this man did, no matter what great things he accomplished, whatever makes him great in the sense described above is overshadowed and nullified by the atrocities committed under his regime.

I don't disagree with you, Andukar, I just cannot look at merely one side of this issue.