I discovered this tea existed through my local food co-op a few years ago. I drink far too much tea, and because I have been labeled as a tea drinker, everyone I know now buys me some sort of tea with every holiday. This would be nice, except there are roughly fifteen-million different varietie] of tea, and quite frankly I’m tired of receiving gems such as "Lemon-Ginger-Peach" tea. I tried this one once despite my knowledge that I would probably dislike it. I burped up disgusting peach- fumes for an hour afterwards.

iknoweverything's description is quite effective. It doesn’t taste anything like licorice, but mildly sweet and spicy. It’s the aftertaste that gets me. A second after any sip one is rewarded with a kick of warmth akin to cinnamon.

As it is an herbal tea, there is no caffeine. I know this may cause many of you to snort and begin looking for a coffee pot and a Vivarin, but if you enjoy tea late at night as I do, caffeine is a big no no.