Woke today to overcast skies and an ache in my body that didn’t seem to have any focus. I'm no longer that ill, and wondered why exactly I felt the way I did. Of course, this weekend hasn't been that kind to me.

Things have gotten a bit better since my last daylog. This is not to say that things are hunky dory, but I suppose my mood has improved, as has my relationship with Beautiful Girl. Sincerest thanks to matilda and witchiepoo for their thoughtful /msgs; they really did help. /me loves messages.

I slept late again, having breakfast after lunch had passed me by. The work I was to get done this weekend has rendered itself impossible to complete due to my own ineptitude, so I am left to wring my hands and pace and wait for the weekend to end so I can grovel at the feet of several for forgiveness. Can't wait...

The sun did try a bit today. I watched an eagle's head form in the clouds as they passed my window, only to fold back and curl in on itself again. The smell of rain was a welcome change, and I can say that the beast with the great white stomach has finally left the North Country.

It's dark now, and I should be writing or reading or fulfilling obligations, etc. etc. Instead I have been staring out the window and thinking about what's been happening to me. I'm not gonna go into it, as there's no real point in discussing it here. Things fall apart, things get better. I'm channeling all the Zen detachment I posses to keep it together.