If you own a Macintosh, you probably know (or should know) that you never begin a file or disk name with a period.

This is a very good rule, by the way. The Mac's operating system believes that files beginning with periods to be drivers, those invisible programs that run your disk drives, serial ports, and other input/output jacks. If your file names begin with a period, the Mac can potentially become confused and treat your file as a device driver instead of a plain old data file.

This can be bad enough, but never, never name anything .Sony. Doing so will trash your hard drive.

".Sony" is the name of the invisible floppy disk driver that controls your floppy drive. If you give a file that name, the Mac may try to address it as though it's a floppy drive. All kinds of hard drive corruption may result.

I have never tried this personally. This knowledge usally causes one to snicker with sinister glee. It's kinda like having a giant red "do not push" button attached to the side of your computer. If anybody actually tries this, let me know what happens.

...and if you use this tactic on a Mac other than your own, please don’t mention my name