Ibbly Dibbly is a game to play while you are drinking (and at least a little buzzed). I learned it from my Scottish friend, Kieren, when he ventured to visit in California.

To play, you will need:

You will sit in some formation of a circle, and each player will be assigned a number.
After numbers have been assigned to each player, person number 1 will start the game and say:

"I am ibbly dibbly number one, with no ibbly dibblies, passing to ibbly dibbly number 2, with no ibbly dibblies."

Person number 2 must then repeat the phrase exactly without stumbling over the words or hesitating, and the game continues on as such.

"I am ibbly dibbly number ____, with ____ ibbly dibblies, passing to ibbly dibbly number ____, with ____ ibbly dibblies..."

You have to remember each person's number and the number of ibbly dibblies that particular person has; there is no need to go in numerical order. Pick on whichever number you feel would fuck it up the most, generally, the drunkest person will get the most ibbly dibblies.

What is an ibbly dibbly, you ask?

Well. When you stumble over a word, hesitate, or don't repeat the phrase exactly, you get an ibbly dibbly on your face. You apply the ibbly dibbly by charring the end of the wine cork and (making sure it is cool) placing a soot mark on that person's face.

Here is where it gets tricky. If you have 5 ibbly dibblies, that is a dobbly. So, if you have 6 soot marks on your face, you would say, "I am ibbly dibbly number ____ with 1 dobbly and 1 ibbly dibbly..." and so on and so forth until you get sick of the game, or everyone is too drunk to play.

You can also get an ibbly dibbly if you prematurely or incorrectly state that someone has gotten the phrase wrong.

There is no winner, there is no loser, it is just about making an ass of yourself with your friends and being silly and spending time together.

Dibblies (image)