Garage Dice
(because we play it in the garage, duh)


  • 2-6 people
  • (5) 6-sided dice
  • Paper and pen (to keep score)
  • Basic math skills

To get on the board, you have to have at least 500 points. After you are on the board, you will need at least 300 points each turn in order to record your score.
Each turn, you have to roll something that you can get points for in order to keep rolling (example: you have to roll at least one (1) or one (5), etc to continue with your turn). You will set aside the dice that you wish to add to your score. Once all 5 dice have been scored and you have not hit a dead end, you can pick up all 5 dice again and roll another turn, adding to your accumulative score.

You can continue to roll the dice until you reach a 'dead end'. Dead ends are when you roll your remaining dice and do not get any score-able points. If this happens, you forfeit the points you had accumulated.
(The trick is knowing when to quit!)

To win the game you have to have at least 10,000 points and your last roll has to be at least 500 points. If someone goes out (reaches 10,000 points,) everyone gets one last roll to try and accumulate enough points to surpass the person who has just gone out.

single 1 = 100
single 5 = 50

*triple 1s = 1000
*quadruple 1s = 2000
*all 1s = 3000

*triple 2s = 200
*quadruple 2s = 400
*all 2s = 600

*triple 3s = 300
*quadruple 3s = 600
*all 3s = 900

*triple 4s = 400
*quadruple 4s = 800
*all 4s = 1200

*triple 5s = 500
*quadruple 5s = 1000
*all 5s = 1500

*triple 6s = 600
*quadruple 6s = 1200
*all 6s = 1800

* means they must be rolled in one roll


  • Do not touch the dice until it is your turn. You could pick up someone else's dice and ruin their score. We sometimes institute the rule that if you touch the dice when it is not your turn, regardless of the reason, you will receive a 500 point deduction.

  • Keep track of you scores in a spiral bound notebook. Each time you finish a game, the winner receives a star on their column. Its a good way to keep track of your stats. For instance, I beat my mom in 4 out of 5 games the first week I learned to play. I lost 3 of 4 games to my best friend when I taught him how to play. Plus, I just think it's fun to look back and see how you are improving.

  • I know it's really anal of me to tell you how you should record the score, so I'm not going to, I'll let you figure out an efficient way that works for you, but my way is best. :)

This game is highly addictive. The first game you play, you will refer constantly to the instructions or, (in the same manner I learned,) the only other person that knows how to play. ("Mom? What does it mean when I roll three 2's again?")

Note: This is not a drinking game, however I would encourage kicking back with your favorite beer (Old Speckled Hen for me and the man I love, thanks for asking...) and some good friends, and let the shit talking begin.