Clockwork. That is how life appears to run, days run and blur into each other, never spreading the experiences you could gain or the opportunities that you are going to miss. Like clockwork you walk past anything that could provide life and enjoyment or light, it is outside the box; keep moving now sweetheart or you'll fall behind.

Sometimes though, as you watch the people who do jump into life head first; don't you just envy them? Instead you go home feeling pitifully lonely, determined not to be alone. You go out, find a stranger- make a connection- and suddenly you're living life for an evening. Adrenalin pulses through you as you realise you don't have to sleep alone tonight; this is good, one more night of numbness may have been too much for you, sent you over the edge.

Now its morning, the stranger you fell for the night before must have left early; places to go of course; your bed is cold and empty. This is ok though, there's always tonight, you'll find someone new tonight, there's always someone out there waiting to come home with you; always. Darling help me?

Every day this continual cycle to relieve the lack of sensation, but everyday your body accustoms to it and it gets a little bit harder. Drugs, booze, danger, fast cars and rock 'n' roll- that's what it's all about. However, soon the party's too out of control, your spinning round and round and there's no one there to stop you- no one there to hold you back from popping that one pill too many; what's the matter- problem? Instead there's just hundreds of thousands of people watching from the sidelines; watching you jump into life head first, envying.