Restaurant located at the Disney-MGM Studios at Walt Disney World. Like the 50's Prime Time Cafe, serves as a bit of an homage to 50s culture, although a different aspect.

Upon entering (and assuming you have a reservation), you are taken to your table, all of which are molded in the style of 1950s automobiles. The seats all face front, and each bench (2 people) has its own small shelf-table in front of it. There are four-seater and six-seater 'cars'. All the cars are facing a large movie screen, on which are shown clips from bad sci-fi movies. The whole place, complete with night-sky ceiling, looks like a drive-in theater. Thus the name.

The clips are on a 45-minute reel, short enough that the employees of the restaurant end up reciting, by heart, many of the most painful. 100% 50s B-movie cheese, but the food is good. Even if you don't want to eat there, I suggest asking if you can just walk in and look, since it's quite the unique sight.