Rowlf is a dog. He played piano on The Muppet Show in both the pit orchestra and on stage (either solo or as accompaniment). He did not play with the Electric Mayhem. His piano was slightly out of tune, reminiscent of ragtime pianos. One of his most famous performances was of "I've Never Harmed an Onion, So Why do They Make Me Cry?" In The Muppet Movie, he sang (and played) a duet with Kermit the Frog called "I Hope That Something Better Comes Along". Has an album, released in 1993: Ol' Brown Ears is Back.

Rowlf was voiced by Jim Henson, and was performed by Henson and (usually) Frank Oz. Two performers were necessary -- one for the head and one for both hands. No one has voiced Rowlf since Henson's death, despite his apparent popularity. This is too bad.

Rowlf is probably the second-oldest Muppet still in use today, behind only Kermit. He appeared in commercials for Purina dog chow, and he made regular appearances on the Jimmy Dean Show (as well as occassional appearances on some other variety shows). According to, he was also a spokesdog for IBM at one point.