.. "When it's put up to you and put up to you good I hope you'll be able to perform like you said you would kevin " , she was angry, " I hope you don't fuck up like you did last time", she was mean, "I hope you don't embarrass mum and dad like you usually do ", what a bitch. I kept on walking with the phone held away from my ear. When the noises at the other end sounded like they had said there penny's worth I said good bye and hung up quick not giving her a chance to go off on another rant and add further insult to injury, neurotic bitch that she was. I had spent my day in an office doing some of this and not much of that, I was tired and not particularly happy with the way my life was going or rather the way it was being forced. On one hand I could quit the job (I fucking hated it) and tell my father and his friend (my boss) I couldn't take it any more and that they would just have to find some one to replace m.... But that wouldn't be good enough for you now would it ? Life's got you stuck in that little rut and everyone else is just carving up your time. Stuffing it in your pretty little mouth, pushing your jaws up and down, you don't have time to chew, spit or swallow, you just got to take it. The victim thats what you are! All danced on and shoulder charged into shape, a yellow face in the rain who ate to much coleslaw before bedtime. A mini ranting Henry Rollins all hyped on dance dance revolution and styled up to give off another noxious diatribe: "You are just waiting for another piece of writing to stare at and find little self reflections in. Something you can empathize with, embrace or feel sorry for. A bite sized chunk of fruity human emotion all wrapped up like candy in a sachet of neat precise words. A specimen for you to prod and poke, something thats put down to put you right up their with the ... ". His head puffs up like bubble gum as if he were a caricature from ren and stimpy, a constipated balloon all pissed off with no where to go expel his hot gas save in your face.

Another bad day at the office, another heartbreaking tale from a dysfunctional relationship, another soap opera soup to sip on before bed time, the seasons change and now everyone's depressed. So what are you digging at ? What do you want ? A kiss ? A hug ? A ham sandwich ? It's your life man, you sort it out, I got problems of my own and when I don't.. Well, I'm all right jack, thats what I'l say right up until the point when it all falls apart again and I come crawling back and moderator becomes moderated. When some one dies, leaves me or bumps their head and goes into a coma. Then everybody can say: Yeah tell me about it , It's a cold world out their, sometimes I think I'm getting a little frosty myself.