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To get people to realize their "outside the box" thinking is contained within another box and I alone have a pair of scissors to cut you free.
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To prefer awkward mornings over boring nights.
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Postdicament, obviously derived from predicament, has an interesting thought process behind it. Not so much interesting as long-winded and boring, but a thought process nonetheless. To comprehend the meaning, one has to ask themself, "what is a dicament?" By a simple deduction process one can conclude that a predicament is a problem with something bad about to happen (thus the 'pre' prefix), so a dicament would be something bad. Now, postdicament would mean after the problems. So my responses fix the world... or it could mean I "post" problems on this site... neither choice necessarily being incorrect.

I'm not going to lie, many of my "facts" on here may come from "what feels right" and with no actual "evidence" to back it up. My Stephen Colbertian style is to mend the world's metaphorical broken-wing so she can fly high. It's alright planet Earth, mama-bird Alex is here to regurgitate some delicious food into your sexy, gaping, little beckoning beaks... and I had Mexican food, so you know it'll still be just as good going down the second time...

I pretty much get bored at work and find that this site brings a ray of sunshine and happiness to an otherwise uneventful shift.