A pub in Cambridge, UK. It is located on Bridge Street, opposite the entrance to St John's College's North Court Gate.

The pub itself is reasonably small and the interior is sparse. The walls are a murky brown colour, and the wooden board floor something similar. That may sound oppressive and dingy, but actually gives the space a cosy feel. At the front there are tables by the windows which face a large open fire, which is perpetually lit in the winter- very soothing.

As far as beer goes, it's a standard Greene King establishment. Grolsch is the lager of choice and there is a very large selection of ales. Guinness is a tad expensive at £2.50 (Aug, 2001) per pint.

A write-up on the Cambridge node suggests the The Mitre is one of the best pubs in the City. It is certainly in that league.