I find myself sitting in a lecture where the world expert is extolling the uses of Fourier analysis in Information Theory...

My mind is wandering, and I get to wondering:
I'm thinking how amazing all this mathematics he's scrawling on the OHP foil is and how powerfull it has been in building our technologically advanced world
I ask myself:
How easily could the sum total of human knowledge and endeavour be lost forever?

It's scary really - Imagine that overnight, every book and hard drive in the world was robbed of its content (or imagine a comet hitting the planet if that sounds improbable).

How much of the total of all esoteric knowledge, the applications of which we take for granted in our day to day lives, could we possibly reconstruct from the memories of the people who are left behind?

And then it came to me in a flash of inspiration: We might still have Everything. So I guess that's what we should aim to make this: a repository from which the sum total of the knowledge of mankind could be rebuilt.

So... all we need now are nodes on How to build a bridge across a 1km wide canyon or How to build a computer...
Time for me to get noding!