A Passport which indicates that the holder is of British nationality.

Today, a little burgundy booklet bearing the following inscriptions in gold print on the cover: (caps for accuracy)


A large Royal Coat-of-Arms


The inside cover and the rest of the pages have an intricately printed pattern of intertwining lines and text: "BRITISH PASSPORT" of many colours which average out to a pale pink.
The inside cover has a small coat-of-arms at its head and says the following in almost illegible italic copperplate type:
"Her Britannic Majesty's
Secretary of State
Requests and requires
in the Name of Her Majesty
all those whom it may concern
to allow the bearer to pass freely
without let or hindrance,
and to afford the bearer
such assistance and protection
as may be necessary

Inside, there are 26 pages for the stamping of visas and some additional notes on the meaning of the data fields printed on the inside back page, in various European languages.

The inside back page itself is laminated and bears fixed width OCR readable style text for:

Oh, and there's the cheesy Passport Photo in the top-left corner.

The bottom two lines carry what is presumably an alphanumerical encoding of the rest of the data in an OCR readable font.

I think my Passport is cool.