Coloumbo-tantalite, also known as coltan, is a rare earth metal, source of the element tantalum. Tantalum is used in the manufacture of capacitors for a variety of electronic devices, including computers, cell phones, and gaming consoles, such as the PlayStation. The primary sources for coltan are Australia and South Dakota, but it can also be found in the African nations of Mozambique, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, and eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, where the ore can be mined with just a shovel. It's easy to find. Just scoop up a shovelful of dirt, and pick out the little black stones. That's coltan, worth (as of April 8, 2001) $120.00 USD - $140.00 USD per pound (approximately $200.00 USD - $300.00 USD per kilogram) on the London mineral market.