Note: This node deals with Magick. Not sleight-of-hand, not misdirection. Not card tricks. This is real, live, will-working. If you think that sort of thing is complete and utter garbage, I wish you well, and ask that you go away. Thank you.

A curse is a nasty business to be under. While it's nice to think about the karmic implications of throwing a curse on someone, it can still seriously ruin your day. So, here are some suggestions for getting rid of the nasty things once and for all.

  1. Disbelieve - Refuse to believe that the curse exists.

          Magick is primarily a discipline of the mind, and more specifically of will. If you disbelieve in a thing hard enough, especially something magickal, you can generally destroy it outright, or weaken it sufficiently that one of the other tactics gets rid of it, in the case of especially strong curses.

          Try to bolster your disbelief. Find reasons that the curse is nothing to worry about. For example, most magickal practicioners who have been at it for long enough to get good don't put curses on people. People are generally quite good at messing themselves up without any magickal help. It's very likely that the person who laid the curse on you in the first place is just trying to scare you, and maybe look cool.

  • Purify - Burn out that curse!

          If you're given to visualization, imagine a bright white light at the core of your being. Slowly expand that bright light throughout all of your body, head to toe, out to a distance of about 6 to 12 inches past your skin. As you're doing this, imagine the light burning (but I wouldn't recommend imagining this as a painful process, unless you really like that sort of thing) out every trace of negative energy in you, until there is none left.

          If you're not given to visualization, use whatever works for you. The important thing here is to imagine some sort of purification that goes through your entire body, and about 6 to 12 inches past your skin. That takes care of the aura region as well.

  • Absorption - Suck that curse right out.

          Use a candle for this, if you like. Candles are quite good for this sort of thing, as they already have a somewhat mystical air about them, and they provide an easy focus item. Imagine (and imagine hard) that as the candle burns, it sucks out all the negative energy from your body and takes it into itself. As the candle burns down, the negative energy is dissipated.

          I recommend a black candle, as black is a very absorbing color for me. However, if you don't care to use a black one, use whatever color or combination of colors that has the most absorbing connotations for you. Also, if you're very nature-oriented, try to use beeswax candles rather than paraffin. Beeswax is much closer to nature.

  • Ritual - Lots of people make for stronger magick.

          Sometimes, there's a curse that you just can't seem to shake. Maybe you really pissed somebody off, or maybe you just stepped somewhere you shouldn't. Whatever the case, you just can't manage to get the curse whipped on your own. So get with your ritual group (if you have one), or see if you can guest with an existing ritual group (if you can find one), and dedicate a significant amount of time to breaking the curse.

          Note that if you do guest, make sure you explain your problem to the group before the ritual begins. Knowledge is a good thing. Talk about it beforehand, to find out just how everybody wants to get rid of the curse. Make sure everybody has the same idea before you begin. Things could get messy otherwise. So long as everyone stays focused on the task at hand, things will go splendidly.

  • Ask for help - Call in the big guns.

          If you've tried everything you can think of to get rid of this curse, and you still can't shake it, take some time and talk to your Deity or Deities of choice. Explain the situation, and ask very nicely for help in lifting the curse. With any luck, your deity will smile upon you and give you the helping hand you need. If not, it might mean that there's something you haven't tried yet. Don't be afraid to do research, and to pick the brains of older and wiser heads.

  • With any luck, one of the easier avenues will do the trick. Maybe a combination of tactics. Hey, it seems to work for AIDS, so why not curses? If you're still having problems, it might not be a curse laid upon you per se. Rather a series of obstacles placed in your path for you to overcome, often by a Deity or Deities. This sort of thing tends to lead to personal growth, which a lot of gods these days are keen on. Or it might simply be something you've done catching up with you. We're all subject to karma.

    If you have a suggestion, post a writeup, or you can /msg me in the Chatterbox. And with all advice, please take this with a grain of salt. What works for me might not work for you. Above all, think about the thing you are doing before you do it. That will save you a world of trouble.