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One of the two warring realms in [Roger Zelazny]'s [Amber] novels.

Realm generated by the [Logrus], that venerates the [Serpent]. Counterpart to [Amber].

The Courts are characterized by an abundance of [sorcerer]s, as well as wierdly colored skies and highly [unconventional geography].

The political structure of the Courts is highly complex, but rigidly structured. However, [assassination] is a common means to improving one's station in the Courts. [Political intrigue]s are equally complex, often lasting for centuries.

The first class of citizens in the Courts are similar in [intelligence], [longevity], and [stamina] to the citizens of [Amber]. However, they are posessed of the ability to [shapeshift], and often take the forms of hideous [demon]s, or whirling [vortex|vortices] of sound and light. "Pure" [demon]s are generally relegated to the status of [page]s and [servant]s, or exist formlessly beyond the [Rim of Chaos].