That's right, kids! Brak has his very own brand-new show! Part of Cartoon Network's new segment: Adult Swim. It's done in a 50's sitcom style, a la Leave it to Beaver, where Brak gets into wacky adventures, and gets in trouble due to the miscreant urgings of his best friend Zorak.

Each episode is about 15 minutes long, and commercial free. The commercials are shown between episodes, which Cartoon Network tends to show back to back to fill up a half-hour slot.

The Cast
  • Brak - voiced by Andy Merrill.
  • Zorak - voiced by C. Martin Croker.
  • Mom - voiced by Marsha Crenshaw. From the neck down, Brak's mom looks like the typical 50's housewife, including the apron. Her head, while proportional to the rest of her body, is similar to Brak's, but she has a human mouth.
  • Dad - voiced by George Lowe. Brak's dad looks to be a completely normal human. He wears a moustache, and dresses in a shirt, vest, and slacks. However, due to an accident with a shrink ray, he is less than four feet tall. He speaks with an Eastern European accent, and from time to time, will give Brak a "touching sentiment."
  • Sisto - Brak's little brother. He looks to be a smaller version of Brak, and seemingly is only able to communicate by farting.
  • Mr. Thundercleese - voiced by Carey Means A seven foot tall battle robot, whose arms shoot out various forms of destruction. He plays Brak's next door neighbor.

Brak's previous solo effort, Brak Presents The Brak Show Starring Brak, appears to have been a short-lived variety show, with various movie and television stars, and Brak singing a lot. Yeah Buddy!