It's the day after, and I'm trying to get on with my life. I talked to my dad last night for about 20 minutes, and he said that the best thing anyone could do right now was to get on with life. We can't let this horror disrupt the way of life in this country, because that's exactly what the perpetrators of this act wanted. They wanted to disrupt the country. We can't let them do it.

I talked to my wife today, and at her suggestion, I'm waiting until the beginning of October to donate blood. That way I'm helping to fill out the reserves that will surely be needed. Frozen blood only lasts 21 days, so it stands to reason that, given the massive outpouring of blood donors, some of the blood will expire. My donating in October will make up a pint of that expired blood with a pint of fresh blood, and that's pretty cool.

Other than that, I'm having trouble concentrating. I don't really have much to node, but I'm daylogging so that I can get a bit closer to level 4. Silly of me to think of it, I know, especially at this time, but there it is.