Well, I'm just sitting here at work, and it's really slow. I've been talking a bit in the catbox, and reading various articles on the guts of the telephone system. I may node something based on what I've read, and I may not. I dunno.

What I really should be doing right now is coding. My nifty perl mail checking program has all the features I want in it coded and working. I'm even using it on a day-to-day basis in my job. However, I haven't put in any of the idiot-proofing that I want to. I also need to work on how the output of certain commands is displayed. I just don't feel like coding right now, is all.

Hlynna did her first three w/us last night. As she says in her entry to the daylog, "already one is nuked and the other is a -7." The one at -7 has since been deleted. She got pissed about that, a bit. She got even more pissed when an editor used Klaproth to tell her she had "an obsession with her weight." I didn't see the /msg, so I don't know if said editor signed it or not. I'm told that most editors do sign their messages through Klaproth, but I got the impression from Hlynna that it was unsigned. I really hope that I can convince her not to abandon E2 over this, because I think she can make a valuable contribution to the nodegel.