ooh, my first daylog node. I feel special.

Once again, work is slow and boring, as the server I do all of my perl coding on is down. It's been down for weeks. There are a ton of things that my immediate boss needs to get done, but that aren't getting done, because he's still dealing with the ton of things that is already on his plate, so to speak. We need to hire another person, one who can take some of the weight off of my boss, but I don't think we'll do it anytime soon. This is a constant source of vexation.

I haven't touched anything in the Lycarus series since wossname who's level 3 but management msg'd me, bitching at me, saying my nodeshare wasn't impressive enough, and that I had not earned my bullshit. I don't intend to quit Lycarus, but it still spoiled my mood. If wossname reads this, I don't care either, as he would have seen more nodes in the series eventually, anyways.

For anyone who's interested, I got the idea for The Soulless Ones from watching that Gap commercial with the robots.

Since daylogs are supposed to reflect the mind of E2, I suppose I'll go on more with what's on my mind. My wife wants us to move to Michigan in May 2001. I wholeheartedly agree, because I don't like South Carolina very much. It's too hot, and Charleston, SC doesn't have any goth/industrial clubs, so I can't go dancing. If there were a club, say downtown, I still couldn't go dancing because I work 6 nights a week, and I'm on call until 4 AM. I don't want to be up at that hour. Anyway, getting back to this, I'm just worried about the money. She's not working at the moment, and until she is working, I will be worried about coming up with the money for this move.

I just finished Moving Pictures, which started off kind of slow for me. This is odd, as normally I devour Pratchett quickly. Happily, it eventually picked up, and it was quite good. Now I'm reading Mercedes Lackey's The Serpent's Shadow, which has started off quite nicely. I really should read Bruce Sterling's Zeitgeist after, 'cos it's due back to the library soon. It's another slow starter, though.