I'm working in a 7-11, stocking & straightening all the aisles (The store was much bigger than a 7-11 though, more like a CVS). This was my first day. Everytime I found a candle holder, I was instructed to fill it with water. It wasn't like they wanted the water to put the candles out, it's like they wanted water to be there for design sake. I thought it was odd that they still had Halloween stuff for sale since it was 7 months ago.

Pamela Anderson is working behind the register, making hot dogs. Kid Rock is standing off to the side, making sure no one says anything to her, & he gets belligerent whenever anyone does.

I'm just doing my job, when my fiance' shows up. It just happens to be Tommy Lee! He & I are hanging out for quite awhile, I guess it doesn't matter to my boss if I hang out while on the clock. Tommy puts his arm around me & takes me to the register. He askes the other cashier to take a picture of us because "we're having a moment." He made it clear that it was VERY important to have a picture taken of us together. He leaves eventually & sends a limo to pick me up so I can go to the concert he was doing that night.