The success of the german blitzkrieg relied heavily on the country to be invaded, and the weather situation. To be short: The Polish blitzkrieg was successfull because Poland had at the time dry roads, dry weather and a completely unprepared and obsolete military. The invasion took about 20 - 30 days. The french blitkrieg relied on the fairly good french roads and the aboundance of petrolstations. Yes, petrolstations. German tanks were a masterpiece of logistics as they ran on regular petrol. It meant that the german tanks could be resupplied at nearly every point during the invasion. The french tanks however, needed the more conventional airfuel to run. In effect, many of the french tanks ran out of fuel before they reached the front. The invasion was over in about 40 days.

The Russian blitzkrieg failed much because the roads were wet and soon became a hopeless mire the tanks could not hope to traverse. In addition the german troops were ill prepared for the Russian winters and many died from the chill. The invasion finally ended after about 1000 days.