The I Love Bees soundclips told a story of 5 separate people, Jan, Kamal, Jersey, Rani, and Herzog. Jan James, the daughter of a genetically enhanced supersoldier, called a spartan, is a troublesome teen. Kamal is an insecure med student who is not so secretly in love with a gangster's girlfriend. Jersey is an average 17 year old who happens to have a military grade AI crash land in his computer. Rani is a southern girl who ends up being recruited as a spy for the Office of Naval Intelligence. Herzog is a higher up in the Office of Naval Intelligence, and tries to help the other 4 along through cryptic phone calls.

The entire story takes place around the year 2552, the same as the Halo games and novels. Many events mentioned in those mediums, The Fall of Reach, the events on the ringworld called Halo, and the eventual invasion of Earth by the Covenant are also mentioned in these audio files.

The sound clips that were unlocked by answering questions through payphones have been archived and organized chronologically by storyline at