It's Tuesday and I have a date. A first date, sort of, I met the girl at a frat party nearly a month ago and the fates have conspired to keep us apart. The first weekend after we met she was supposed to drink with me and some friends, but she had to go out of town. The second weekend we were going to meet for a party, but I had to run home (from Radford University) on family business. Today we've set up a lunch date in hopes of avoiding the weekend mishaps of the past. Dalton will be serving some very good food, lets hope that she likes alfredo. This could go well or bad.

Now I've got to decide if I'm going to walk across campus, pick her up, then walk to the cafeteria. Or if I'm going to let her come to my dorm, then take the (much shorter) walk to Dalton. That, or we could both meet at the cafeteria. Very complex.

I need to shower before then too, but that's not a source of stress. I've got an essay due in English today, but again, it's cake and done already. I'm suffering from some nasty bouts of insomnia and need a good node topic. I'm thinking of a Red vs Blue episode guide.