Revelations 12 mentions the fall from Heaven of one-third of the rebellious angels. These fallen angels numbered somewhere between 200 (Enoch I) and 133,306,668 (Cardinal Bishop of Tusculum, 15th Century), depending on the source. Of those angels who fell from grace, these are the ones that can be found in the Book of Enoch and other apocrypha, Kabalic, rabbinic, and patristic traditions, and various secular sources. Names will be hard-linked as I complete those nodes, or I think there's a reasonable chance that someone else already has - Pike.

Abbadona, Adramelech, Agares, Amezyarak, Amy, Anmael, Arakiel, Araziel, Ariel, Arioch, Armaros, Armen, Artaqifa, Asbeel, Asmoday, Asmodeus, Astaroth, Astoreth, Atarculph, Auza, Azaradel, Azazel, Balam, Balberith, Baraqel, Barbatos, Barbiel, Batarjal, Beliar, Belphegor, Busasejal, Byleth, Caim, Carnivean, Carreau, Dagon, Danjal, Ezekeel, Flauros, Forcas, Gaap, Gadreel, Gressil, Hakael, Hannael, Harut, Iblis, Ielahiah, Iuvart, Jeqon, Jetrel, Kasdeja, Kawkabel, Laviah, Leviathan, (Lucifer), Mammon, Marchosias, Marut, Mephistopheles, Meresin, Moloch, Mulciber, Murmur, Nelchael, Nilaihah, Oeillet, Olivier, Ouzza, Paimon, Penemue, Procell, Pursan, Raum, Rimmon, Rosier, Rumael, Sammael, Samsaweel, Saraknyal, Sariel, Satan, Sealiah, Semyaza, Senciner, Shamshiel, Simapesiel, Sonneillon, Tabaet, Thammuz, Tumael, Turael, Turel, Urakabarameel, Uziel, Verrier, Verrine, Vual, Yomyael, Zavebe.

This list was drawn mainly from Davidson, Gustav (A Dictionary of Angels; 1971; The Free Press, New York; pp. 352-3), with additions and modifications suggested by various other sources.