I heard about the anti smoking laws in the USA with horror. Two reasons:

1) Where the USA goes Britain follows (I'm a Brit)
2) I had always thought that the USA had a strong libertarian streak. I don't entirely agree with Libertarians, but I sympathise with them.

I gave up smoking a while back. Tobacco is the nastiest drug I have ever taken. It is an addiction, and nothing else. People don't enjoy cigarettes, they enjoy the temporary relief from nicotene craving. Smoking makes junk food tolerable. You mistake the hunger for vitamins, minerals etc. for a craving for cigarettes. It also counteracts the nicer effects of marijuana

Couldn't America, land of the free, adopted a pizzacratic free market solution? Namely smoke free bars, restaurants etc. for people who worry about second hand smoke, and smokers bars for smokers and the non-smokers who aren't bothered by smoke?
Most smokers are willing to step outside for a cigarette when in the company of non-smokers and most non-smokers don't mind a bit of smoke occasionally.

If it happens in Britain, I will be setting up an illegal smokers bar/tobacconist, preferably in a basement somewhere where smokers can all inhale each others sidestream smoke and thus use the tobacco more efficiently.

Gas masks will be available for staff if required