It's almost exactly 31 hours until my flight leaves.

If I can just make it through the next 31 hours, I'm OK.

I have to do my Math 311 midterm before I leave. I failed the last one. I'm a little scared. I haven't even started studying yet.

But after that, I'm pretty much clear. Laundry, packing, then heading out.

I'm so excited to travel again... I will be in Quebec City soon. It's somewhere I've wanted to go since I was younger, when romantic visions of wandering the cobblestone streets with my lover filled my head.

Alas, it is not going to be nearly as exciting as all that. My lover is staying at home and writing midterms. I am going to a physics conference. Well, it might be exciting...

Actually, I do get to stay for three days afterwards. A friend and his family are going to put me up and show me around town. So perhaps I will be able to wander the cobblestone streets.

I am so conflicted right now... sheer nervous energy (for my midterm and my presentation at the conference) and extreme ecstatic crazy energy for the flight, the city, the insane amount of alcohol I will be drinking over the next week. The flight... oh, I can't wait for the flight. Window seats all the way. (I am SO happy I booked early). I can't wait to be flying again... the feeling as the plane lifts from the ground... God, I can't wait.

This is going to be the LONGEST 31 hours of my life...