Alright, I know how much you love this, but if you don't like rants, why the hell are you reading daylogs?

I have had the worst couple of days and I need to just get it off my chest. Talking about things always makes me feel better, but a big part of the problem is that no one I know wants to listen. My boyfriend and I barely talk anymore (at least not about deep things), and even my mother brushed me off tonight.

My aunt has been visiting the last couple of days. I don't like having someone in my apartment -- I'm an earlybird and I usually get up around six a.m. This doesn't work very well when someone is sleeping on your couch and you have to tiptoe around your place. I've been late for work the last two days. It really doesn't matter, my boss is in France for god's sake, but I still hate being late. It wastes the most productive part of my day. Then I lost my bus pass yesterday, dammit. Plus with my aunt visiting I've had no time for myself to sit and read and have quiet wrapped all around me.

Tonight I had to frantically run all the errands I hadn't had time for all week... laundry, bank, passport photos, getting a new bus pass for July and tickets to get me through to the end of June, since apparently people aren't decent enough to return someone else's stuff, even with their name and phone number clearly marked. Plus the psychotic woman that lives on my floor has had the laundry tied up since 5:30 or so, I had to invade another floor to use theirs. I had even asked politely, since I have only one load and have to catch a flight tomorrow, if she could let me know when she was done. I hate being rushed, and I've been feeling this way continuously for about three weeks now. And it's not going to stop yet.

Tomorrow: work, catch a flight to Calgary, my little brother's high school graduation the next day, along with frantically trying to get my passport application in.

But, you know, someone must be listening, so I already feel better.