I looked at the label, and it proclaimed Sage! Jasmine! SOY! Well, perhaps not quite like that. Maybe I'll start at the beginning.

Matt and I were on a trip to the grocery store. I had the usual stuff on my list, bread, ham, carrots, celery, etc. While we were over by the vegetable section, Matt saw "Click-it" soy snacks. They had this dumb computer-ish packaging that was supposed to make them young and hip or something. Matt really wanted some. (We've been indoctrinated with all the Lesbians! Monkeys! Soy! stuff.)

Christ, what are we going to do with soy snacks? Certainly not eat them. I suppose they'd be good for amusement value, but they can amuse us at the grocery store, I thought. I'm not spending money on something just because it's soy.

Famous last words (err, thoughts?) right?

I had to get some conditioner while we were there. I had been thinking that I wanted to get some of that Herbal Essences stuff, since I had tried it and my parents' over the holidays, and I really liked how it made my hair feel. I got to the conditioner section, and started looking for the one my mom had had.

There were a bunch of different kinds of conditioner, and I couldn't seem to find the one my mom had had, so I just started looking for which ever would be best. There were two for 'normal' hair, so I read the labels. One had chamomile and some other stuff in it, but the other was made with Sage, Jasmine, and Soy protein. How could I not buy it? Incidentally, it works really well. WTF? Soy is good for something after all.