Strange dreams last night (aren't those the only kind I ever write about?) One was too depressing to mention, so I'll leave it unspoken.

In this dream, I woke up in the middle of the night in our apartment and I could hear a boy crying. Sometimes in our apartment building, you could hear people talking through the vents, but it is subdued and you can't make out the voices. In this dream, the crying was too loud and too close to be anywhere but our apartment. It was in the bathroom. I knew right away somehow that this was the ghost-boy I've dreamed of before, who I've seen before in our bathroom in dreams. The crying starts to move down the hall towards our kitchen, so I get up to see. I could see that their was another ghost in the bathtub, which was full of water. She was just floating there - I think she might have been dead. (I don't quite understand how ghosts can die, but it was a dream, alright?) So I see this crying ghost-boy walking into our kitchen. It was really weird - he was transparent, I could see the wall behind him.

And then, he turned into a real boy. I went and comforted him and got him to stop crying, and told him to come sleep in our bed in between my SO and I, like a happy little family. (I think this may be part of the whole biological clock thing.) The next morning, I talked to him and found out his name, Andrew, and his age, 3 (but he looked more like 6 or 7). He was a really smart kid. I took him to my classes with me, and gave him a colouring book. Afterwards, we were sitting together on a lawn chair somewhere out in the sun, and he told me he liked the class more than the colouring book. The class had been Applied Mathematics 413 - Introduction to Partial Differential Equations. So, not only had I become a "parent" to a ghost-boy, but he was a genius ghost-boy.

Unfortunately, the dream stopped there, and my subconcious moved on to scaryier topics. I think the warm happiness of the dream will last for a while - even though it had some creepy parts, the feeling of contentment, holding my "son" at the end, still stays with me.