I was in a different part of the world. It was hotter there. Some friends and I were in a toy store. I remember seeing the stupid giraffe the Toys 'R' Us uses as their mascot, but I don't think it could have been a Toys 'R' Us, because we definitely weren't in Canada or the States - it was too hot.

Anyways, there were all these big scorpions running around in the store. They were a really odd colour of green, like the new leaves in spring time, and they were about six inches long. They were running really fast, and could jump really high. I didn't know that until later, so I climbed up on a table to get away from the scorpions. Then I saw one jump up on a cashier's station and run along the cashier's arm. She screamed and shook it off. Then one was running towards the table, and jumped up on it. I am really scared of scorpions, so I tried to get away, but it didn't matter because it was running towards an open window that the table was pushed up against.

Another scorpion came in through the window and was running towards another girl (who I didn't know) on the table. She stamped her foot down really hard on it as it ran by, and squished its head. But then, all of the other scorpions started to attack. They would run towards people and jump up at them. It was so strange, they could jump about 5 feet in the air. We were trying to stamp on them and kill them, but they would jump up in the air and try to sting us.

And then I woke up. I still can't decide if this was worse than the spider dream I had a while back.