We were out in the forest, at an interpretive center or something. For some reason, someone had made an interpretive center based on crucifixion. There was a big tree with a plastic replica of Jesus nailed to it. Someone told us that someone was even going to be crucified while we were there. I wasn't too excited about the prospect, and I liked it even less after they told me that I was going to be the one crucified. I had to carry the big heavy bar that they nail your hands to, but they ended up just nailing me to the other side of the tree that they had the fake Jesus on. I then woke up (without dreaming of the pain and suffering inherent in being crucified), but I was still in a dream. I told my English prof about the dream I had had, and she told me that it was interesting.

I then finally woke up for real. I made the mistake of reading the writeup by dolphinboy under crucifixion last night. No more noding and pizza before bed for me!