My friend Lona, who was married back in September, is already pregnant. She told us before yesterday's electrodynamics final.

Fuck, Lona, what the hell are you thinking?

I'm pretty disappointed in her.

Oh no, I'm going to finish my degree, I'm on the pill... We won't have kids for quite awhile, she said back in August, when I found out they were getting married. Except now she has a job interview Friday to go work at a bank.

They usually hire full-time people, Lona.

I'll be back next semester, she tells me. And next year. I'm going to go to class part-time.

Lona, you're going to have a newborn baby next September. Just a year after you told me you were getting married.

It makes me so mad. She could have done so much with her life, but because of her stupid fucking husband and her stupid fucking religion, she's going to stay at home, have 18 kids so she can go to the best Mormon heaven, and probably drive herself crazy.

Lona, you lived with your parents up until three short months ago. You're not ready to be the mom yet.

I can only pray that this life, being the dutiful wife and the dutiful Mormon is making her happy.

She sure doesn't seem happy.

And I can't be happy for her. When she told me that she was pregnant, all I could think of to say was, "John's family must be happy." (They are all very Mormon, while her family, who paid for three and a half years of university, is definitely not.)

It's just a year and a half more to go, Lona. Finish it, you've got something to show. Don't throw it away now, dammit.