I use iCab, the uber-customizable streamlined German web browser, and it lets me define internet search sites to use with the "Find" command. So I just set it up to use "http://www.everything2.com/index.pl?node=", and it takes care of the spaces and everything, without requiring me to do any silly up-scrolling or box-clicking or even plus-typing. It even opens the result in a new window for my convenience. This way I can use the low-profile, nodeshell-creator-displaying default theme, and indulge in multi-window browsing to my heart's content. The same method works for Everything User Search and the like without having to memorize a bunch of garbage or go to the search page. I haven't heard of any other browsers that can do this, so I guess this doesn't apply to you if you use a browser that expects you to adapt to it.

This method can be trivially modified to link every node you visit to The Node Linked to All Others.