It's funny how in dreams some people are real people, and some are just characters.

What do you mean?

Like this one time a few days ago, I was out on a speedboat with Chris Choi, and the guy driving the boat was there, too, driving.


And last night, there was just this random girl.

In your room or in your dream?

In the dream.
Just a character, not anybody specific.
We were excavating some ancient ruins
And eventually we were alone together....
And the ancient sorcerer she was carving away at, well it started moving
And I just backed away
And it was so scary
And I didn't know whether to tell her about it

Did you?

No. I woke up
I mean, I knew she wouldn't end up being on my side
So I better fend for myself
But on the other hand
We had been, well, intimate.

You got it on with her in your dream?

So I felt kinda obliged to save her.

And you don't even know who she was??

Duh. She was the girl.

But you didn't save her
You just fucked her and left her there to die??

Haven't you ever seen an action movie?

Yeah...the hero saves the girl

Yeah. That's the role played by the girl
Anyway, I knew she was on the sorcerer's side
It was so weird looking at his eye move around.... and I could see the muscles and everything

Was she any good?

I've had better
In dreams, that is
She was just a big tease
But she sure enjoyed herself