1:00 AM

We were cleaning my room, getting it prepared for when I would leave. Mom and Sharon were so sweet. Mom wrote several thank-you notes for me, and they were very well-written. When I got here, there was some controversy about the cathedral of learning versus CMU's comparable structure, which was taller, rotated, and had extremely more desirable lighting. I mentioned that we were rotating faster, but since we were near the top floor, perhaps our rotation was less due to the movement of the Earth. (I was wrong.) There was a gathering downstairs, where I met Frau Young (who did not seem at all surprised to see me) and my Grandma. Grandma gave me a box of ice cream to share with my roommate. She was talking about something like wine tasting tomorrow. I put the box of ice cream in the freezer, and played around with the ice-box structure inside. The door to the structure had the same texture as the ice that would build up inside the freezer, so it was almost undetectable. I then spent much time trying to read something on the box of ice cream, which action brought me to eventually wake up.