The final battle is at hand, and each of my generals is squared off with with one of the enemy bosses. The first three battles turn their tides in our favour, and now all that's left is the final battle and the destiny of the empire is in my hands.

Oh yeah, and I'm Luke Skywalker ready to confront Darth Vader in a ludicrously symbolic battle. I can see his base a good distance to the northeast across this glacier, but instead of heading toward it, I take the shortcut by way of jumping off the cliff to the west.

As I am falling the thousands of feet to the icy archepelago below, I give not a single thought to skydiving or the fact that I might be dreaming. (However, the word tantamount crosses my mind.) It's nine-point-eight straight down and the intense wind consumes my every perception. I try to steer toward a nice rocky atoll for a quick death, but the wind carries me far to the west of it and I fall surprisingly harmlessly into the sea. I rapidly plummet to a depth of about -32768 feet, only to find myself surrounded by nothing but air. A quick check of my absolute location confirms my altitude of 32767 feet.

This time I aim for water, savouring my terminal velocity. On impact with the water as hard as cement, everything shifts once again and I am standing in a traffic jam on the Brooklyn Bridge, and Vader is right in front of me. The intense velocity was just to account for the change in momentum involved in teleporting a quarter of the way around the world by way of stepping disks.

I wake up. The fan is on high and the phone is ringing.