Some sort of space station, with lots of blinking lights and shiny metal surfaces. I was walking past a dock with several car-sized spaceships, and I happened to bump into a shiny red one. Its driver, a man of small stature with very noteworthy hair, got out and started accusing me of theft and destruction of property and the police came and arrested me. End of story.

So I'm hanging out with some friends at this space station, minding my own business, when suddenly I notice this girl I have a crush on. I go up to her and I'm working on asking her out when suddenly a man of small stature and very noteworthy hair appears out of nowhere and starts yelling theft and destruction of property and the police come and arrest me.

This approaching the girl thing repeats itself over and over again. I know there is some rule to it all, but I can't manage to put that knowledge into action. The rule was something like "you have to be very direct in asking her out," or maybe, "you have to be very indirect in asking her out." I never managed to figure it out.