We escaped from the house on the hill that has haunted so many of my dreams of late. It occurs to me just now that the house is modeled after the College of Fine Arts building. Inhuman in purpose. Symmetrical. Undergoing repair.

The whole family piled into the front seat of the pickup truck at the bottom of the hill. There was a big commotion about who would sit on whose lap to conserve space. It never got resolved. As we began to activate the time travel device, we saw another family heading off across the desert, just beside the railroad tracks. Then the world disappeared and we were at the far edge of the desert, years into the future. A beat up car pulled up beside us -- the very car we had seen before we left. The family inside thought we had taken the same path they had.

If I don't do something to pass the time, will the time cease to pass?

Back into the house to cause some more trouble. Evil nuns chasing us around. I lost my shoes in the elevator, and knew that our escape would be blocked if we tried to use the single exit so soon after being seen in flight, so decided to wait it out in the cafeteria. I ordered some everything pizza but when the waitress brought it to our table she explained that they had run out of everything except onions and some other weird stringy vegetable. Everyone insulted my choice of pizza.

Then we're in some corner watching TV and setting of fireworks, blowing up portions of the walls. Mom tells me to set off the nuke.

"Nuclear weapons aren't used in wars, but they're still used."

Most people don't realize Godzilla is an anti-nuclear-war thing.

I hear Dresden was worse than Hiroshima.

Everyone is watching Boy Meets World, the plot of which is eerily mirroring my disappearance from the crowd. I start work soldering the detonator.