Someone is criticizing my pedal health. "Always wear shoes!"


I am walking around an amusement park
Dressed as Robin Hood
There is a theater and I go to see the show:

Adevntures on the moon
Unrequited love
Movies showing the players are projected onto the stage
She comes to find him on The Island of Lost Love
But by then he is dead and a woman
I try to leave before the credits
But it is still raining on stage
(Have I ruined the electronics in my pocket?)
The credits show the names of the actors
And all the projected movies
All in aperiodic rotating 3-D magnificence

Back out into the amusement park
I pass my dad in the crowd
And start running
The absurdity of the situation convinces me I am awake
(as opposed to a dream-within-a-dream convincing me, like last night)
He calls my name
By then I've found my brother and my sister
Having lunch on the ground (in line?) with my doppleganger
They tell him, "Dad's calling you."
But when Dad arrives, he says, "Actually, I was calling someone else," indicating me.
I challenge the impostor to a duel.