There was a big booth-like tent in front of the CFA, with something sexual going on inside it, I don't know what, but there were definitely some adults in charge of the place and they didn't particularly approve. And for some reason the whole campus was now on a small desert island.

I am at my Mom's house, looking forward to my eighteenth birthday on May 1st and the opportunity it will afford me for copulation with females. (Nota bene: In reality, my birthday is September 2nd, and on my eighteenth I did little more than household errands.) So my Mom's boyfriend Ron is teasing me about my lack of scoring.

Walking across the front lawn with my Mom and the dogs. She is drinking a cup of tea. Kitana, our anatolian shepherd, is the same as ever, but now there's a new dog: a white one that looks like a cross between a brown dog, a polar bear, and a mountain lion. I suppose we're going to look at something up in the hills. But halfway across the lawn, just on the edge of it, across from the shed, Kitana attacks me. She knocks me onto the ground and bites my arm. I'm certain the incisors have penetrated my skin. Then the other dog rears up on its rear legs and falls flat on top of me. I'm doing my best to fight them off, but they continue to tare my tooth, flesh, and bone. Mom tries to help, but accomplishes nothing with her empty rhetoric. The teeth are removed from my arm temporarily, but I see no hope for this situation.

Wake up to more chastising instant messages from Mom. "How are you? Have you been taking fish oil? How was your diet today?" I felt pretty clever about avoiding heartburn, but I doubt she would be impressed. It occurs to me that I will not be talking to that cute girl in my math class any time soon. Also, I find it interesting that this dream mentions colors other than red.